Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8th - THANK YOU!

A huge thank you to everyone that participated yesterday.  I know the weather scared a lot of people off:(
So we had a lot against us, the SEC championship game, the Alabama State Football playoffs, and the weather.  We still were able to donate over 200 toys to the Marine's Toys for Tots Organization.  At least we had FUN!

Here is the link for the results from Lightning Sports Racing:

Thank you again.

Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6th - Tomorrow is Race Day!!!

Today is early packet pickup at Big Dog in Auburn starting at noon. You can bring your toy with you so you don't forget it tomorrow.

We will have race day registration, same price $20 for the 10K and 5K, $10 for the mile.  I have extra shirts but can't guarantee you will get one.

The race will proceed even it if rains The only thing that will prevent the race is thunder and lightening - which is NOT going to happen.

House keeping - I do not recommend bringing dogs to this race. We have a lot of participants and some of the areas get crowded.

The club's insurance does not cover strollers - however there have been participants at nearly every race with strollers. In other words we will not prevent you from running the race with a stroller.

This is NOT a closed course. There will be traffic, although not that much as it is very early on a Saturday, and the course is in a fairly quiet neighborhood.

Thank you again to everyone that is participating, volunteering (we have plenty and they are well organized thanks to Brandy McCulloch), and to all of our sponsors.

We will have FUN!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3rd

If you have not registered and still want to you can:
1.  Go to Big Dog in Auburn and register.
2.  Register the day of the race at the High School.
Please remember I can't guarantee a shirt if you are not already registered.
See you Saturday.